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How can I calculate Magnetic Latitude?

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    I'm building an application in which I need to obtain the magnetic latitude for use in another calculation.

    There are many website online that can calculate this for you, mostly point and click on a map, or enter your latitude and longitude into a form.

    But I'm wondering how they actually calculate this value? And if it's something difficult to implement into my program.

    If anyone knows how I could go about figuring out how to do this, or any resources that might help, it would be most appreciated.
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    Hi there

    well if that is so, then use the "View Source" for that www page and you should see the html doc with the calculations embedded in it

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    No, the calculation is done using server side scripts. You cannot view that way. Only one site I found a javascript function


    But am not sure if the function is specific to that image (like the values in the array are all points on the image) or if its something else
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    no probs

    was just a thought :smile:

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