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How can i detenmine the size of generator fuel storage tank.?

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    hi all,
    i wanna know that how can i determine the size generator fuel storage tank.
    let suppose i have 3 generator and which capacity have 635kVA, 1250kVA and 700kVA...
    and this generator will be operate 85%....
    so its sum of kVA is 2585kVA and its 85% is 2197kVA and in kW is 1758kW.
    Now i calculate my demand load is 1758.....
    so now i wanna know that whats is size of my common fuel storage tank...?
    as well as know that how many fuel will be consume at 5days......?
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    means i wanna know that how many us gallon and liter consume in working 5days......?
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    The generator spec sheets will tell you the fuel consumption rate.
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    The manufacturer should be able to tell you the fuel consumption for a given output power level.
    Have you consulted the manufacturer ? have you done any google searching for the data for the generator(s) ?

    You have all the make and model info I would have to assume, you havent told us any of that info

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    here i know that 1758kW is my demand load so
    if may i convert 1758kW to btu/hour
    and then required btu/hour convert to us gallon
    so is it right way....
    and if i find out us gallon / hour then i easily calculate for 5 days....
    and then i easily look table of fuel storage tank in order to get dimension of tank
    so is it right way or not..?
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    what Russ and I are trying to impress upon you ( well mainly me ;) hopefully Russ will agree with my assessment ) is that it depends on the fuel efficiency of the engine driving the generator... only the spec sheet will tell you that

    eg. you may have one engine that burns 2 gallons an hour to produce 10kW from a generator where another engine may burn 5 gallons an hour to produce the same output

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    ok i see spec sheet
    ok....thanks for suggestion
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