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How can i generate an 8 hertz AC current from 60 hz AC

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    Hello there. i would like to request some help please in the design of my meditation pyramid. If you can help me out i'd be greatly appreciative thank you.

    I would like to set up an 8 hertz oscillating magnetic cycle around the pyramid. Why? because i wish to entrain higher alpha brainwave voltages while i meditate, in lieu of waiting for the solstices and equinoxes, as part of my Ritual Meditation method for accessing altered states of consciousness i.e. dissolving ego consciousness. Switches in states of consciousness have many physiological parameters, and reaching voltage thresholds for alpha brainwave output is crucial in this process. Meditation naturally powers up our alpha brainwaves, and these can be supplemented via entrainment i.e. external magnetic / electromagnetic signals of the same frequency (8 hertz). Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated this and you can review some scientific articles via << Spam link deleted by Moderators >> to know more if you wish.

    The basic plan involves building a pyramid in proportion to Giza (1.75m H * 2.74m base, 51.85 degree angles) in my basement. i am located in a volcano caldera (Lake Atitlan) which represents a region of relatively high geomagnetic activity, and my house sits in front of 3 big volcanoes across a lake and over a major fault line. This pyramid will be magnetically aligned and will be constructed from steel reinforcing bars (>1 - 1.25" thick) which i was planning on earthing into the ground below the concrete floor. I would like to turn this pyramid into an electromagnet and achieve a magnetic field oscillating at 8 hertz. Guatemala uses AC 120V/60 hz. The initial plan was to wrap thinly insulated copper wire around the iron bars in anticipation that this technical challenge can be solved cost-effectively! i would also place a iron plate under my feet in the center. There is various literature indicating i should use a copper capstone/sphere. the pyramid will then be covered or walled with sand bags to help increase the sound proofing. i also need sensory silence to leave my mind!
    1. Is it possible to create a 8 Hz AC current from the 120V/60 hertz power to flow through this electromagnet and set up 8 Hz oscillating magnetic fields?
    2. How would i go about achieving this cost-effectively please?
    3. What voltage/current would you recommend as my output?
    4. Does anyone have any further suggestions/inputs to the pyramid's design?
    5. Do you have any suggestions on earthing of the base and its contact with the floor for best effect?
    Thank you and i really appreciate any help you might be able to provide. Have a great day :)

    kind regards
    Carlton Brown
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    You essentially have to convert it to DC, then to 8 Hz. What it takes to do that depends on the power levels you require.

    Or you can 110AC 60Hz to run a motor to drive an 8Hz alternator
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    Working on the principle of homeopathic doses achieving fantastic results, I would recommend a low frequency electronic oscillator and an simple transistor driver to power the coils. Your power can come from a cheap Lab supply or even a wall wart, depending on the power you need; we can't help you with the power level. Remember, PF is essentially skeptical of any of this stuff and any advice you get will only be about how to achieve something practical that you specify.

    Don't use to high fields or the cuttlery will all rattle in the nearby houses.
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    hi there meBigGuy. Thanks for your suggestions. I do know our power enters the house in AC form, and somehow its converted to DC. As it is i have an electrican at my home tomorrow so i shall ensure i find out more.

    If its converted to DC how does one then re-turn that back into an 8 hertz oscillating current? i need the magnetic fieild to be oscillating not static. Sorry if i'm missing something here... :)
    The other question is from this 110AC/60hz can i control the output voltage and AC frequency? I need to do some more work on what sort of voltage i need, without endangering my biology.

    Thank you very much - much appreciated

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    Hi there sophiecentaur

    Thanks for this! I will need to look into this to better understand the various electrical / electronic items you mentioned. Yes, i can understand your skepticism but i need to do the experiment, and willingly accept the advice on a strictly physics basis. As it is i met a lady who is doing research on this sort of thing and she's offered to help me monitor my EEG while i do this. In the end well controlled data drives conclusions - and i won't know until i do the experiment. The science i reviewed highlighted the impact of pulse magnetic fields on alpha brainwave voltages. I simply arrived at the 8 Hz pyramid electromagnet because i was building a pyramid using iron rods.

    Are you ok if i come back and revisit some of these issues if i get stuck...? Thank you and have a great day.

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    I would consider a relaxation oscillator like a 555 timer for the 8Hz signal. It might be set up to generate 8 Hz pulses.

    You shouldn't need a lot of voltage/current to match the earth's magnetic field.

    I warn you to be safe, particularly with sandbag on rebar construction. Somehow that doesn't sound right to me. Perhaps you could check your design with a civil engineer?
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