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How can i offer myself for desired jobs or projects?

  1. Oct 18, 2013 #1
    Well the title says it all.I know i lack the usually long employer's demands list ,they usually demand more than i know.I sent CVs to specific big and small firms of my interest,i phone called a few,but i got of course no positive reply.The only way to be a perfect fit for a position is by working there in that specific job in that X specific company,there is no other way even if i had an impressive CV.

    So,i know that X,Y,Z company has that specific technology i want to work with,but the only way to get practical and/or real world experience is by working there! Even some good internships demand skills as if you are going to be a permanent professional employee...frequently internship adverts demand work experience as well.Come on! It is a damn internship,'you know' i do not have the full set of skills that's why it is called internship.

    For example,there are technologies so expensive,they cost thousands or millions of $$ that i could never afford to buy hardware and/or software to practice at home and even if i had the money(!) i would still lack the real work experience they demand.

    Something about projects.Home projects cannot compete with industry projects imo.Industry projects is what i need to prove my skills, proven knowledge/skill of this and that they say....home projects are not 'proven' you cannot compare a home project of $50 with a real one....

    How the hell am i going to infiltrate?!
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    haha, that was the biggest PItA when I was in university:

    Keep applying. Apply to positions that are within the same company or within the same department as the position you'd like, but aren't necessarily that one. Once you are employed you can work your way to where you want to be.

    What the application requirements say and what they actually will consider aren't always the same thing, in fact many times companies put up those "1-3 years experience" and yet will look at new graduates. Or they say "5 years experience with autoclave design" but may consider you if you worked in a similar field for 3 years. Keep applying.
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    Do you have a degree? If so, post your resume on the major job boards like Monster, Dice, Net Temps, and so forth.
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    Oh the improvements huge companies have with huge HR departments
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    Well, for starters, you could try to act a little more professional.

    I realize you're venting and of course that's understandable, particularly for someone entering the job market these days. Jobs are scarce. Employers can afford to be picky right now. That's the way things are and the way they're going to be for the near future.

    So you have to adapt.

    This means taking the internships, volunteering, learning the system, working the less-than-pleasant jobs, and putting in your time. If you do all that and you still can't get a good job, then maybe that means you're not meant to enter that particular industry and you have to expand your horizons.
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