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How can you tell that this iron operates using the mains supply?

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    Hi, i'm new to the forum so i don't really quite know what i'm doing yet!

    anyway, i know this question is REALLY basic but physics is not my forte and i'm confused...

    "John has just bought a new iron and sees this plate on the handle -

    John irons a shirt for 10s

    energy transformed = power x time

    so if i'm correct:
    time = 10s
    power= 1840W
    energy transformed = 18400J

    the final question "John can tell from the plate that the iron can operate using mains supply. How can he tell this?"

    and i have absolutely no idea!

    help would be greatly appreciated - i really need to understand this, its from a gcse mock paper and my exam is in a couple of weeks!
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    I don't actually see any question. Where did the 10 seconds come from?

    You should post the question exactly as it was given to you.

    - Warren
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