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Courses How could I apply electric/electronics to MechE?

  1. Apr 2, 2016 #1
    I really like Mechanical Engineering. I'm now at the second year of my undergrad and I'm now taking some specific courses in engineering - after a whole year of calculus and physics. I think it's the broadest engineering, and I'm an admirer of the aerospace industry and would like to work with aircraft. But electric/electronics is another passion of mine. I do like tinkering with electronics - like Arduino - and do programming. There is some way I could merge both things together, MechE and electronics/electrics? I already know about mechatronics, but I don't want to switch courses.
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    I think that working with robotics and vehicles will be a good cross-over between ME and EE type of topics. Sounds pretty fun! :smile:
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    I thought about robotics, sure. Control and Automation might be interesting, also. I heard that Control Engineering can be studied by both electrical and mechanical engineers. Having some kind of background with circuitry could help me with this? As I see it, most mechanical stuff is controlled by electrical/digital systems. I don't know how this work out in industry, but surely the control guy should have expertise in mechanical and electrical stuff to understand correctly what is going on, am I right? This could be interesting.
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