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Courses Merging MechE & Electronics for a master's degree?

  1. Apr 27, 2016 #1
    As a undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, I have a great interest in electronics. I have circuits and Arduino for a hobby, and I'm learning microcontroller programming by myself. When I got into college, I was torn between electrical and mechanical engineering, but ended up choosing the later because of it's broader scope and my interest in things like aerodynamics, fluids and aerospace. I'm really liking the course, but I miss dealing with electronics, so I'm choosing some classes from the EE departament related to that as electives: things like electrical circuits, electronics and so. But I want to be attested in both areas.

    My question is: if I pursue a Master's Degree after undergrad, could I end up dealing with electronics? Or maybe, possibly, merging both subjects. I know MechE and EE intersect in things like robotics and control systems, but would it be difficult to get enrolled in a master's program not directly related to my undergrad, even with those electives?
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    Not at all. This is one of innumerable ways to fine-tune your academic focus. That you are concurrently taking EE courses just enhances your credibility when you spell out your argument in your (future) statement of purpose in your application.
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    That's good to hear, indeed. I've been giving a look at some master's degree programs. There are research fields in mechatronics (things like robotics, sensors, dynamic systems), control systems and electronics systems. They all sound very interesting, and I think I will narrow down to one of them eventually. In fact, I was very surprised to find that one of the professors there at the electronics department has a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering!

    What makes me uneasy is how to handle both expertises once you get out of academia and get into a job. How does industry look at this? Won't I become less acceptable for core MechE jobs after doing a master's in electronics, for example?
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    You seem to have shifted gears a bit. At first you were discussing the viability of M.S. degree in electronics (incidentally, not well defined in and of itself) after a B.S. in Mech Eng., which makes sense if you want to pursue a job in electronics, but less sense if you want to pursue a "core MechE" job. If you want a "core MechE" job after your M.S. get a mechE M.S. degree. If you want a core EE" job after your M.S. get a EE M.S. degree. Or be creative about a hybrid degree/job.
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    Sorry, I've not made myself clear.
    What I wanted to say is that if, after doing a M.S in electronics, I won't lose eligibility for mechanical engineering jobs, and so narrow down my prospects of being employable, if need arises. If, after a M.S in electronics, I'm not as good as a mechanical engineer anymore, so it isn't worth it.
    And yeah, I think that a hybrid job would be what I'm after.
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