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How difficult or easy is it to work as a Computer Science

  1. Aug 21, 2015 #1
    I know that Computer Science is challenging in college, but how challenging or difficult is it when you start working. For example I know medical school is brutal, but being a doctor is very easy. Is this true with Computer science,? ex. Computer Programer, Software developer, Software engineer etc.
    I don't have much experience with Computer Science, Im thinking about majoring in it. Is it something you learn very fast? And do the schools train you and prepare you well for the workforce.
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    It depends on the job. There are positions with non-profits that are more lax multi-tasking and pay less for instance, but let me tell you: Those high pay guys and gals EARN their income. I'm talking 60+ hours weeks, with their minds totally given to software, living and breathing it. Of course as they establish their niche, the don't have to work so much. But for a real software job, one must be prepared to work incredibly hard at the beginning, its a given.

    Its important to understand the high paying jobs are for those who make the cut, and the low paying jobs are actually more rare. I imagine this is different than for a Doctor, where just getting through med school could find a country clinic somewhere that would appreciate them, even if they were essentially C students. (keeping in mind that a low paid doctor makes more than most) Also be aware that an 8 year degree in CS (doctorate level) is VERY hard, for the best of the best, probably more intellectually demanding than even an MD.

    It should be about what you love to do. Being a doctor or CS major, or lawyer for the money if you aren't interested in these things is a recipe for some unhappiness.
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    Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.
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    Some high paying jobs pay a lot because it's a job that most programmers would not want to get involved with or one that requires knowing or learning specialized skills that won't be useful for any future job. These also tend to be long hour jobs for the same reason, most programmers aren't interested, so the company can't hire enough programmers at any price, and those that do get hired work long hours.

    My impression of how challenging earning a Computer Science degree depends on the school, and what is required (how much math, how advanced or specialized the coursework is, ... ) . The actual programming jobs are simiar. Normally you start out as part of a team and given the easier assignments. You then advance and usually specialize into a specific skill set.
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    Yeah, good point. COBOL programmers are one I've seen surprisingly in demand:
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    I wonder where you got the impression that "being a doctor is very easy"!
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