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Automotive How do I calculate required torque for two dc motors?

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    I am doing a design project but i'm kinda stuck with choosing motors because i am not sure of the required torque. My project is a handicapped golf vehicle powered by 2 motors, so it would need to be able of climbing steep gradients.
    I currently have an equation but I am not entirely sure if it's right.
    It consist of :
    1. Rolling resistance = (Gross Vehicle Mass) X (Co-efficient of Rolling Resistance)
    2. Grade resistance = (Gross Vehicle Mass) X ( Sin(angle of max gradient) )
    3. Acceleration force = (Gross Vehicle Mass/Gravity) X Acceleration
    Adding all 3 up to give you Total Tractive Effort.

    That's then used in the equation
    Torque = (Friction factor for bearings and axles, etc.) X (Total Tractive Effort) X (Radius of drive wheel)

    My question is, are these equations right or do I need to use more complicated equations dealing with moment of inertia, etc.

    Thank you!
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    jack action

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    These are the right equations to use.

    To take into account the rotational inertia, you only need to add a mass factor to the third equation. More info on this page.
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    I think that should be..
    Acceleration force = Gross Vehicle Mass X Acceleration
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    Sorry for the late reply; but thank you.
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