What is Torque calculations: Definition and 32 Discussions

Direct torque control (DTC) is one method used in variable-frequency drives to control the torque (and thus finally the speed) of three-phase AC electric motors. This involves calculating an estimate of the motor's magnetic flux and torque based on the measured voltage and current of the motor.

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  1. S

    Torque required to move robot arm (special linkage)

    I need to calculate a torque required for uArm type of robot arm. Servos are at the base and 2 arms are controlled by system of linkage. I suppose all necessary info will be given by CAD, like weight and mass of gravity,etc.. But How would I properly size the servos? Is it the same as in classic...
  2. Aaron Mac

    Torque needed to rotate a rack

    The weight of the rack is supported on an axial bearing as seen in the attached pdf below. I have made an attempt to calculate the torque by taking a look at the chain traction force and the required shaft power to make the plates rotate. For the moment of inertia case i don't know how to treat...
  3. G

    Torque calculations: Rotating vertical shaft

    I apologize in advance for any errors in my concepts or assumptions. Feel free to correct me wherever I am wrong. Thanks in advance for the help. There is a vertical shaft which will be operated at around 600 rpm (N) which can be achieved in 2 seconds (or even 4 just an assumption). The shaft...
  4. teun-lll

    Snail Cam shaft torque calculations

    Hello, Im trying to calculate the torque needed for a system that i want to design. i want to raise and drop a weight of 800 kg. Ive made some calculation but I am not certain i did it right. I think I am on the right track but i feel like the numbers are a bit high. I have a hard time finding...
  5. D

    Torque calculations for a small electric vehicle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to calculate the torque for a 3 wheeler electric (small vehicle). 2 driving wheels and one driven wheel. At the driving wheels we have a BLDC motor for each wheel. We want to calculate the torque for resting( not going down hill) on inclined plane (angle={5,10,15...
  6. K

    Torque Calculations: Solve for Disc Revolutions with Opposing Torque

    Homework Statement: The torque is removed when the disc is rotating at 8.0 rad s-1. An opposing torque of 14.5 N m is applied to slow the disc down. Calculate the number of revolutions the disc makes after the second torque is applied, before it comes to rest. Homework Equations: T=Is W=Wo...
  7. Mbenj

    How do I calculate the torque of an Internal Combustion Engine?

    Hello all, This is my first post on here so sorry if its not the greatest. I am starting to make a car based video game for the ios in which you are able to customise cars and race them. One feature i wanted to include in this game was the ability to create unique engines. I don't want it...
  8. Abhishek11235

    Troubleshooting a Discrepancy in Atwood Cylinder Solution

    Homework Statement The problem is in attached screenshot. Now,I solved this using force/torque method. However ,I got different solution as given in solution manual. Where I have gone wrong? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Applying F=ma to cylinder: $$mg-T=ma$$ Applying ##\tau =...
  9. Clay2

    Turbine Design for fire-hose driven shaft

    I am working on a design for a water powered drive shaft. The water source would be from a 2.5 inch diameter hose, at approx 75-100 psi. The goal would be to get 55-115 RPM from the shaft and max torque in the smallest possible handheld device. That being said, it seems my best options for...
  10. R

    Calculate Torque for Turning Cylinder 90° Clockwise/Counterclockwise

    << Mentor Note -- thread moved to the schoolwork forums after we found out this is really a homework assignment >> Hi, I've got a cylinder which needs to turn 90 deg. clockwise and 90 deg. counterclockwise (seen below from the front and above). How do I calculate the necessary torque on the...
  11. DracoMalfoy

    Torque Problem: Finding the weight of a horizontal bar

    Homework Statement n the diagram below, the horizontal bar has a length of 4m. The force due to the wire angled at 30 degrees is 1200N. What is the weight of the horizontal bar? Homework Equations T=F⊥rThe Attempt at a Solution I know that I need to add the three( the bar, the wire, and...
  12. marellasunny

    Automotive Calculating the angular acceleration of a swivel seat

    We have an automotive swivel seat that turns from the initial seating position to the final position outside the vehicle (90 degree swivel in 15 seconds). We would like to calculate the torque required for rotating the seat along with the person. We have calculated the inertia of the movable...
  13. G

    Automotive How to Calculate maximum torque a riveted joint can stand

    A plate is riveted with a rivet having small rod like projection over the head and the point as shown in drawing.Considering we fix the plate to a vise,and then giving torque to the Rivet Rod;What will be the Maximum Torque the rivet can withstand without getting loosened and how to calculate...
  14. M

    Motor specifications to drive Motorcyle Carousel

    Hi, I'm and uneducated garage tinkerer currently motorizing a motorcycle dolly in order to rotate a motorcycle 180 degrees within its length to enable me to ride off and upon returning to my garage, to rotate the bike in order to drive out on my next ride. My question is what amount of ft-lb or...
  15. S

    Strength of materials -- Normal stresses and Shear stresses

    Homework Statement https://ibb.co/imui5b[/B] hey i need to calculate max normal stress at BC and max shear stress at b and c is my torque equation right? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution so i thought Σma=0 Cx*6+80*6+80*2=0 i ll find cx and then ΣFx=0 and ΣFy=0
  16. M

    Shaft and Torque Calculations with Mass

    Suppose I have a motor driving a shaft that runs 1.5m long with a screw attached, the screw is mixing a product. Power = Torque x Speed Torque = Power/Speed To find my Torque I can use my Shear Max = Tr/J And J for a shaft is Tmax = (π / 16) τmax D3 My question is, where does the mass of the...
  17. J

    How to increase output speed

    For a project I am doing I need to increase out put speed to 515 rpm from 1rpm with no more than a 20% decrease in torque, I need help I have been trying a lot of things and can't figure it out.
  18. K

    Automotive How do I calculate required torque for two dc motors?

    Hi, I am doing a design project but I'm kinda stuck with choosing motors because i am not sure of the required torque. My project is a handicapped golf vehicle powered by 2 motors, so it would need to be able of climbing steep gradients. I currently have an equation but I am not entirely sure if...
  19. O

    Engineering Drive Wheel Motor Torque Calculations

    Hello, Example vehicle design criteria: ▪ Gross vehicle weight (GVW): 190kg*9.81 = 1863.9N ▪ Weight on each drive wheel (WW): 1.84kg *9.81 = 18N ▪ Radius of wheel/tire (Rw): 216mm ____________________________________________________ ▪ Desired top speed (Vmax): ? ▪ Desired...
  20. M

    Checking My Force, Torque calculations

    500lbs pressing down on two gears. Surface area of contact on one gear is 0.03125 inches squared. I calculated pressure. 500lbs / 0.0625 = 8000psi being exerted onto the two gears' surface areas. One gear has 4000psi. The gears' radius is 0.47 inches. I calculated torque for an...
  21. T

    Wheel torque calculations

    I am trying to come up with a formula to use with my labview program that will calculate wheel torque required to move a vehicle with some given variables. I have vehicle speed, vehicle weight, % grade or angle, tire diameter. I am trying to create a dynamometer that can determine proper motor...
  22. T

    Brushless DC Motor torque calculations?

    Hi there guys and girls I am new to this forum , so please have mercy. I am searching for equations to calculate the torque of a 3 phase brushless dc motor. Any info or textbooks on this maybe? Thanks Tommie Prinsloo
  23. K

    Servo Torque Calculations

    Hi all, I am doing a project on Pick and Place system with 2 Servo based Axis control system. I am struggling in selecting the servo motor and torque calculation. My pick and place system consists of 2 Servo Rotary axis which indexes from 0 degree to 180 Degree with 1 Sec acceleration and...
  24. K

    Calculating Input Torque for Gearbox and Pump

    Hi all, I have a the following problem to solve fairly quickly, I need to calculate the required input torque to my gearbox and pump Gearbox output torque - 0.12348Nm Gearbox output speed - 80 rpm Gearbox input speed - 4 rpm Gearbox (compound gears) Gear A, driver = 100 teeth, Gear B...
  25. K

    Torque calculations for peristaltic pump

    Hi all, I have a peristaltic pump that i need to rotate at 26 rev/min. The gear arrangement attached to the pump is calculated at 13.1:1 therefore I am assuming an input speed of 340rev/min is required to produce a reduction in speed to the desired output of 26 rev/min. Gear A (1st...
  26. M

    Torque calculations for logging winch

    Hi Guys : I have been reading about torque and gears and not being an engineer or physicist would like to know if my thinking is correct in the following example Ok so Say I have a hydraulic motor and it generates 3000 ft lbs of torque and it is going to be turned at 650 RPM (tractor...
  27. M

    Pulley Torque calculations

    I think I'm over thinking this, so someone set me straight. If I have an eletric motor with a 75mm OD shaft making 1450Nm of torque, and I add a 7in pulley/sheave to the motor shaft. Would the torque change? Half of me says yes other half of my brain thinks no. Torque = Force *...
  28. B

    Paddle Wheel Torque Calculations

    I'm designing a paddle wheel drive house boat and need to do some calculations to see if the parts I have on hand can do the job. Paddle wheels will be 6' dia. with 8 paddles by 3' long . Paddles will be 3' long by 10" and will have the tops of the paddles submerged by 2" to 3" when the...
  29. E

    TORQUE calculations for Brushless dc motor.

    OK hey guys, I am building an electric go kart for a final project, and I'm just trying to get my initial justifications correct, with respect to the classical physics involved. SPECS: i was the car to be able to reach 60km/h, The total weight of the car will be approx 200kgs. the size...
  30. W

    Film Winder Force and Torque Calculations

    This is an actual real-life problem. There is a machine that winds film at my work. I need to determine the torque required (T_2) and force needed (N) for the conditions showed in my diagram when all variables except F_T2 are known. Roll #2 begins with no film and ends as a large roll with...
  31. P

    Calculate Force on Small Gear from Torque with Pully and Shaft

    A pully with radius .2 m is fixed on a shaft and on the other end there's a gear with radius .01 m. If a force of .01 N pulls down on the pully, what's the force on the tip of the small gear? Here's my work: The force produces a torque about the shaft T = Fr = (.01 N)(.2 m)= .002 Nm The...
  32. J

    Torque Calculation for Motor Simulations

    Hello Everyone, I am a programmer and I am working on an application that can do torque calculations for some motor simulation models that I am working on. What I have is a torque data file wilh data representing the amount of torque on a wheel at a given degree of it's rotation (so if I had...