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How do i integrate this "e^[−(x/xa)]

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    how do i integrate this "e^[−(x/xa)]
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    Re: help

    Does xa mean x*a, or is it a variable different from x?
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    Re: help

    Errr... Do you mean [itex]e^{\frac{x}{xa}}[/itex] ? If so just cancel the x. You also need to show some working out and should have a more discriptive title. We are here to help not to do homework.
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    Re: help

    On the other hand if you mean xa, some fixed (constant) value, then use the substitution u= x/xa.
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    Re: help

    i meant x subscript a. but i figured out the answer. and fyi this is not my homework. im studying for my physics test. but thanks for being rude..........
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