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How do I create multiple web pages?

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    I heard that a website is made up of multiple web pages and I know how to make a web page in Notepad++ with the languages HTML and CSS but how do I create multiple web pages?
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    Create separate html files for each page (and you have to give them each a different composite urls to put them on a server just as you have to give them different file names to put them on your hard drive)
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    What are different composite urls? And what's a server?
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    Think of each webpage as a unique file document. The code is nothing but characters in a text file using a specific extension. So if you have 5 word documents, you can think of that as 5 different webpages. Link the documents together and you have a website.
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    Not sure WHAT I meant there but the word "composite" doesn't belong there. Sorry.

    A server is the computer that SERVES up the web page. That is, it sends the HTML file to your computer's web browser.
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    Here's a good place to start:
    http://www.w3schools.com/website/default.asp [Broken]
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    But how do I link all the webpages together so I can have a website?
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    You create links. You can, for example, create a "master" page that has links to all the other pages or you can create a hierarchy of pages using links.

    For example, a small portion of my web site is a glossary. The main page of the glossary points to about 20 pages and every one of those pages has many dozens of entries, all of them pointing to various of the 20 pages, so the "heirarchy" diagram would be very nasty indeed.

    Oh, and the glossary is pointed to by my main page. Everything is done with links.

    You REALLY need to read some simple intro to HTML. These brief question/answers are not really getting you anywhere.
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    Plus 1 to that.

    Math10, do as phinds suggests and if you have questions, come back and ask them. In the meantime, I'm closing this thread.
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