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Homework Help: How do you find acceleration when you are only given netwons?

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    Okay, there is 20 N of force upward and there is 480N of weight pulling down, how do I find the acceleration??
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    Net force is then 20N - 480N = -460N.

    Divide by the mass (F = ma).
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    nvm I got it, you just divide N by gravity (dumb me) to get the mass then dvide the N by mass to get acceleration!! Thanks anyways! :smile:
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    Andrew Mason

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    Just so you don't confuse people, I think you get the point but your terminology is wrong. You divide the weight by gravitational acceleration to get the mass (W = mg so m = W/g). You then divide the net force by the mass to get the mass' acceleration (F/m = a).

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