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Calculators How do you plot y'=3+2y on a TI-Nspire CX CAS?

  1. Apr 3, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm new here. I did some research plotting the ODE of y'=3+2y without having x shows up in the equation. I can't figure it out, why the calculator does plot a harder equation but not a simple one? I can get the slope field with an equation that has an x in it. However, without x, my calculator just gives me nothing (without an initial condition setup), or a single dot (with the setup.)
    So, does anyone know what to do in order to get it work?

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  3. Apr 7, 2012 #2
    Figured out myself, you have to use y1 instead of y, because y1 is the default function. Kind of a silly mistake...
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