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How do you read this analog voltmeter?

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    Hi, my lab is using these: http://www.elexp.com/tst_7050.htm [Broken]

    we weren't given any intro on interpreting the results.

    we're measuring dc volts... its the black numbers below the shiny metal in the picture.

    anyway, theirs two sets of numbers for dc volts, so we don't know which to use when... my guess is if you rotate the dial to the small range of like 2.8 volts that you use the small numbers? no idea

    also, when measuring 14.0 volts, with the range set to 25, the needle rests on approzimately 140... but with a digitial volt meter we we're getting 14.23v (with its range set on 20).

    My question is, depending on the range setting... how do you know if your getting 14 volts or 140 volts or 1.40 volts with this thing... basically how do you read this thing :P

    man i wish their was a manual to this thing posted on the internet... can't even find a manufacturers site lol
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    Without being able to see the meter more clearly, I don't know that I could help. There's a ton of lettering on and around the meter that probably indicates which ranges are which, but I can't read it in that photo.

    - Warren
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