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How does mass cause warp in spacetime?

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    Is it something like that involves gravitons? Like mass producing gravitons that warp spacetime? All is it something like qft whereby spacetime is just a field and only those with mass can interact with it, resulting in warped in spacetime which is equivalent to excitation of fields in quantum field theory (qftt)?

    Forgive me for such question as I am not smart at all.
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    We don't have a theory with which to answer this question. That is one of the major directions of theoretical physics right now.
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    And what do you mean by that one? Is it the graviton? Or qft?
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    I mean we don't know yet. We don't have a theoretical framework that seems right, we don't have the computational tools to make experimental predictions on the theoretical frameworks that we do have, and we don't have experimental data in the appropriate regime to compare those computations against. Your question simply doesn't have an answer right now and will require decades or more of development of theory, computation, and experiment. It is a good question and an active area of research.
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    Wouldn't the graviton be the QFT way to approach the gravitational interaction :rolleyes:?
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