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Schools How good is edinburgh university astrophysics department?

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    hi guys,

    i have completed my Masters in physics from India.i have applied for phd in edinburgh university for cosmology?how good is it when compared to their european counterparts?
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    Depends who you're working with!
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    Hi mal4mac,

    i would like to know about the reputation of edinburgh university among their physics peers?especially astrophysics department?of course i know it depends on guides,but am looking for its reputation for publishing papers and all?
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    The University of Edinburgh is considered one of the best in the UK. I don't personally do astrophysics, but my friends who do have applied there for PhD positions. If you're interested in cosmology then I have heard that Durham is a good place (http://www.icc.dur.ac.uk/) and that Cambridge is also very good.

    If you want to get an idea of the level of publications then search some databases :/ or look up academic staff individually.
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