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How is a wankel engine lubricated?

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    i was admiring its animation like when this popped into my head.
    any answers?
    also anybody know any latest developments in lubricating closed off engines?
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    I believe when I had an RX8 it used 5w20
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    yeah, but that's just the type of lube
    what is the actual method?
    is it just mixed with the charge like a two stroke?
    is there no other way, like having a wet/dry sump system?
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    Ranger Mike

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    i worked on a wankle engine in the 1970s...about like any other raace engine..has pressureized oil system but the trick is to seal up the little rotating triangle ' piston"

    check out http://www.racingbeat.com/mazda/performance/rotary-tech-tips/engine-seals.html?id=3cZ9XYDV

    as far as wet sump dry sump...it depends on what type racing..if drag racing...wet sump is cheaper lighter ..if oval or road racing...you better have dry sump oil system..

    i know of no two cycle wankel engines..not to say there are not any but I have not seen any..
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    i do not understand what u mean by that.
    how does the pressurized system work? is the oil introduced at top and collected thru bottom while keeping the "major axis" of the epitrochoid vertical?
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