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How is it being a high school teacher in USA

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    Hello. I have heard many things about high school teaching in USA schools. I would like to know if any of the high school teachers can please guide me how is it to be a high school teacher in school in US. Also if at all I want to knw abt the syllabus are the physics high school and secondary text books available online which i can refer to.

    Also can I go for college teaching if I have done my Masters from India. Is any special exam needed for college teaching? Or if there is any scope of research fellowship/assistantship possible.

    Please do guide me. Thank you
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    usually you would need a phd in order to teach collge physics however I have heard that some community colleges wil take masters students.
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    hey thanx, well i refered to the sites and did find out that community colleges may hire postgraduates. Now lets see m searching out for all opportunities and find out one as career.
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