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How is THIS phenomenon created? Please, help!

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    Hey everyone, I'm in desperate need of help. I need to know how this light/reflection phenomenon is being created: "[URL [Broken] I've read the description countless times and have experimented a little bit but I can't figure it out. I do have some knowledge in spectrum but clearly not enough...I've been trying to research it but because I don't really know exactly what is happening to begin with (specific terms).

    Please, if you have any ideas at all, please let me know. I'd so appreciate it.

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    I guess I don't understand your question. It seems that the display is just colored light projected on a wall. What's exactly are you trying to understand?
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    She's projecting an image from the LCD projector (a mix of words and pictures) and the image somehow gets distorted when the light hits the ground and reflects onto the curved wall. It explains that part in the description. How the light is being manipulated is the question.
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    ...there is no explanation on what the light is reflecting off of other than that it is a dark sheet. I guess I'm curious as to what material would make light scatter in such a way? Here's an exerpt:

    "In a white box, the light source comes from above with two digital video projectors, Pointing to the pond. A half circle pond is installed on the floor in middle of the space, covered with a dark sheet. There are 24 servo motors underneath, creating the geometrics on the surface of pond, the light reflects different directions into the screen. A curved wall begins from the floor to the ceiling vertically. This non-corner long surface creates a dynamics of light in the whole space.

    The light of this installation has different colors, in the center of wall more greenish light. The sheet reflects more green light than others. When the light angle into the dark sheet becomes sharp, more light colors reflect, which are more original colors from an image. Wider the light spreads, more specter colors appears. This phenomenon is simply caused the angle of reflection, relation of the black sheets as the reflection surface and the vertical curve.."
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    Ah, I see. I didn't read the entire description but I did notice that in one of the pics there was something on the ground in front of the wall that seemed to have the same coloring as what was showing up on the wall. Perhaps just a distorting mirror? Probably something more complex than that?
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    Haha, I can only imagine so. It's driving me bonkers! From what the bloody article is saying, it's just a dark sheet lying on the floor. If it's just a regular bed sheet, I have not the slightest idea how to recreate this.

    ...I'm sort of feeding off this lighting idea for an art piece..
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