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How long does it take to learn physics?

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    I am a layman who knows nothing of physics and wants to have a good understanding of physics. I plan to each myself. Of course, learning is different for everybody, but generally, how long should it take to understand physics well, but not at a professional level.

    50 hours?
    100 hours?
    250 hours?
    500 hours?
    1000 hours?
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    Vanadium 50

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    About as long as it takes to learn to play the piano well, but not at a professional level.
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    Can you be more specific? :)
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    Actually, that's a really great answer and is about as specific as he can get without his knowing too many variables which you have not specified.

    It depends on:

    1) Your aptitude
    2) Your dedication
    3) Your prior knowledge of math and general science/electronics
    4) What "proficient" means to you
    5) How spread out your hours will be

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    i don't want an exact number of hours, i'd rather have a very general estimate, so i can put things into scale?

    generally, would it take less than 100 hours, in the hundreds, over 1000, or in the thousands?
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    Probably around 140 hours. Generally a basic high school physics course is around 45 minutes. The year has 182 school days, so i just multiplied 45 times 182= 8190 minutes/60= 136.5 hours

    You can learn a great deal over that time obviously
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