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Homework Help: How many electrons would transfer 1 J of energy to a screen?

  1. Mar 23, 2013 #1
    My answer to a) is 1.14 * 10^-19 J, which is correct.
    My answer to b) is 1.14 * 10^19, which is not correct. The correct answer is 8.8 * 10^18. How did they get that? because if 1 electron has 1.14 * 10^-19 J then wont we need 1.14 * 10^19 electrons for 1 J ?
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    Changing the sign of the exponent is not the same as division... What about the mantissa of the number?
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    om >.< I know what i did wrong!!!!!!! Stupid mistake. Thanks for that comment.
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