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How many non-professors read research journals for fun?

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    After all, tenure is incredibly hard to get - and most people who strive for it don't earn it.

    So for those who couldn't get tenure (and a lot other interested people) - do they still read research journals for fun? (or say, read through graduate level textbooks in other fields for fun)?

    I just read a review of this: https://www.amazon.com/Spacetime-Geometry-Introduction-General-Relativity/dp/0805387323

    which said...

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    My father works at Pfizer and always is reading research journals just for fun. He's been in a few so those are always cool to read and I usually check those out. Theres got to be some more people who read them just for the fun of it. I know my father is so absorbed in Chemistry it is practically all he does (with the exception of the weekends of course).
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    My background is similar. I have a masters in math, but work as a software engineer. I read physics texts in my leisure time. Mostly I stick to QM, but I did read the first 8 chapters of Schutz's First Course in GR. I met Professor Carroll when he gave a lecture at Stony Brook. He is a very entertaining speaker. I plan to read his book next. I am taking a break just now by reading a freshman chemistry book (not a very good one I'm afraid). My favorite text is Principles of QM by Dirac.
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    I am not a faculty member but I read a host of physics and optical journals every month. I also spend a bunch of time reading and rereading graduate texts.
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