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Classical Self study project, feedback on my selection of books?

  1. Apr 26, 2016 #1
    I'm gonna reinforce my physics knowledge via self study in my spare time, the amount of time available is varying since I'm a parent and have a full-time work...

    My math background:
    Real and complex analysis, linear algebra (abstract, but finite-dimensional), basic abstract algebra, number theory, some functional analysis, integral transforms, vector calculus.

    These are the books I'm planning to use, in order (and some comments).

    Woodhouse - Special relativity
    Read this a few monts ago. Good treatment of SR, but I'm glad I had seen much of the material before...

    Landau/Lifshitz - Mechanics
    I took a short analytical mechanics course a long time ago. This seems to be a concise and pedagogical survey of the subject.
    I have began reading the first 50 or so pages, and it seems very good so far. Much more accessible than Goldstein (which is on my shelf since my days at school, but I never liked it)

    Franklin - Classical electromagnetism
    This looks like a reasonably rigorous text, without the mathematical bloating found in Jackson.
    Will this do?
    My goal is a rigorous undergrad/lower grad level.

    Szekeres - A course in modern mathematical physics
    To reinforce mathematical skills, using the subjects of the previous books as examples and preparing for the diff. geo. of GR.

    Schutz - A first course in general relativity
    This seems to be the best introduction there is. I also have Carroll's book.

    Thirring - Classical mathematical physics
    To reinforce the mathematics once again, deeper this time.

    Schroeder - An introduction to thermal physics
    Is this a good book?
    Found a very cheap used copy...

    Ballentine - Quantum Mechanics
    I studied from Bransden/Joachain many years ago, and read the first half of Shankar three years ago so I have some previous experience. I hope I'm ready for this one, it gets good reviews by most people in here.

    Later on, my goal is to read books on QFT and String Theory. I will postpone the selection of books for this, these first books should keep me occupied a few years... :)

    Does roadmap sound reasonable?
    Should I change order or use other books?
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  3. Apr 26, 2016 #2
    I'll only speak of what I know, mainly L&L's Mechanics. I think it's a great book, quite clear, concise and the explanations are good. I have a friend that's working through Schutz and it seems pretty good. Ballentine is also considered one of the best books on Quantum Mechanics but I haven't seen it for myself.
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