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How much calculus in linear algebra?

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    Hey folks,

    I'm going to be taking a linear algebra class soon, and I'm wondering how much Calculus I should expect. (I love Calculus, btw)

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    In short - none.
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    Yeah, I doubt there will be much Calculus at all. Calculus will be assumed for some examples of vector spaces and what not, but that's it.

    I enjoyed Linear Algebra more than Calculus. The introductory stuff anyways.
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    I should point out that using linear algebra and calculus together is a very profitable venture.

    It's just that it probably won't be done in your linear algebra course.
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    It would be the case if you were taking a course in "Analytical and Differential Geometry of curves and surfaces in [itex] \mathbb{R}^n [/itex]"

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    Interesting... I was wondering because my school says that Calc 2 is a prerequisite to it.
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