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How much electricity can be produced from 3000 rpm?

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    If your axel in you car was magnetic with copper wire casing would that produce electricity? If so how much?
    If there is no resistance in that process then there wouldn't be a detrimental effect on the performance (bar added weight of the wire)
    With the raising popularity of electric cars it would reconvert some of the kenetic energy back into electrical energy. Therefore increase the range?
    There is probably a easy answer that will shoot this down, or its already in place but though it was a interesting idea.
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    One of the magical things about cars and electricity, is that this already happens.
    Whatever the system is designed for.
    There is always resistance. So the rest of your post, is, um, based on a false premise.
    Worded differently though, you might be onto something.
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    That's the different wording, I was looking for. :angel:
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    Welcome to the PF, Tom. :smile:

    We don't allow discussions of Over-Unity mechanisms or Perpetual Motion Machines (PMMs) here at the PF. In addition to the useful responses you have gotten, please have a look at the links mentioned in the PF Rules Forbidden Topics list -- they will help you to understand why you cannot extract energy continuously from a system.

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