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How much energy is consumed in reality in steam compression?

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    I want to know how much energy REAL steam compressors consume in compressing steam @ 1 kg/sec from 2.56 kPa to 1 bar. Theoretically (with `100% efficiency) it's 141 kW for making 1 kg/sec steam flow assuming that the temperature doesn't decrease due to loss of heat as latent heat of vaporization.
    Can anybody help me?
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    In reality, in a Rankine cycle, steam isn't compressed due to the fact that it requires quite a lot of energy to "pump" a compressible gas such as steam to a higher pressure. In reality, the steam is condensed to water condensate which is subsequently pumped up to the boilers working pressure. The energy required to do this is usually negligible.

    I know that doesn't answer your question but I just wanted to clear up any possible misunderstanding.
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    I don't want to know about Rankine Cycle. Steam compressors are available in reality. I just want to know much energy a REAL steam compressor consumes during the compression operation as I have mentioned in my query. Theoretically it's 141 kW for making 1 kg/sec steam flow (with 100% efficiency).
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