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How much is enough to level a city block?

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    Take this scene from Blade II
    I suspect most of us have heard the phrase (or something like it) "enough to level a city block," but how much is that? Is Blade’s remark realistic? (Semtex is a real explosive by the way.) How much Semtex or TNT would it take to do the job?

    I imagine it would vary for the circumstances, e.g. one big bomb or standard demolition methods. In that case, how much for each?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'm closing this until Russ or Enigma has a chance to take a look. I don't think this is an appropriate discussion.
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    It would literally take a truckload (a small truckload, but a truckload, nonetheless). And yeah, I'm ok with keeping this closed...
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