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How much is enough?

  1. Oct 16, 2011 #1
    When I study mathematics, I just do it leisurely and at my own pace. Over the course of my whole mathematics education, I've enjoyed learning the abstract ideas/concept in it, the problem is I'm a bit clumsy doing calculations. I can study and do proofs/concepts but practicing problem sets eats my focus big time and I get tired doing it. Now, I can enjoy reading and learning as much math as I want but I really need to brush up with my calculation/problem solving skills, as I'd rather have good grades in college (I tend to solve really slow) at the same time. The question is just how much practice is enough?
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    Depends on the level you are trying to get to IMO.

    The average exams I've had thus far indicate that you should be able to solve at least 10-12 more DIFFICULT problems (many steps) in the 3 hours provided. However, I would say you should be able to solve the 10-12 in 2 hours and have an hour for review--IMO, of course.
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    10-12 difficult problems in 2 hours might still be a little hard to pull of, considering that 'difficult' is something within the reach of my mathematical knowledge. That is to say I just have to know when to throw in those knowledge for the given problems. I guess I just have to do as much as I can.
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