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How much it useful to learn two compiler?

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    As I am doing c programming course in this semester, our course instructor told today that we will use turbo C in theory class and visual c in lab to compile our written programmes.Now the question that arose in my mind, is it useful to learn to work with two compilers?In which way can I be benefited from learning two compilers?
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    If you have two tools you know how to use, then you can use the one better for any particular job. :wink:

    Also, it will help you avoid falling into the trap of relying on compiler-specific features, and then being totally lost if you ever have to write something portable, or if you're stuck using a different compiler.

    That said, isn't Turbo C rather antiquated? I'd be afraid you'd be learning bad habits or even an incorrect version of the language -- especially if you were writing C++. Modern C++ is practically an entire different language than it was 20 years ago.
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    Turbo C++??? Blast from the past, that is for sure. Though I just threw out my copies of old compilers this year. ( my wife finally put her foot down ). I had 3 versions of Borland compilers, 5 Versions of Microsoft, including QuickC. The 2 versions of Zortech C++ I kept.
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