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How much liquid water can be produced through condensation in one day

  1. Jan 27, 2012 #1
    I am working on a desalinization project and need technical advice. These are the basics:

    If I have a 1,000 sq ft pool of heated water, covered with a chilled baffle, then enclosed in a greenhouse, how much liquid water can I produce through condensation in one day?

    Any ideas or feedback would be helpful.


    Rick Mannoia
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    There isn't enough information. Whats the average temperature of the water and the baffles?
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    Water will run through black pipe and solar heated.
    Baffels would be cooled with running water.
    This entire unit would be encased in a green house.
    I am looking for an IDEA of the amount of liquid possible. Any input or questions would be helpful.
    Rick Mannoia
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    only order of magnitude numbers but: If the energy available is solar energy then you have about 1kW/m^2 (depends where you live)
    1000 sqft is about 100sqmetres so about 100kW of available energy.
    The latent heat of vaporisation for water is 2.3 x 10^6J/kg and so with 100kW of available energy water would evaporate at a rate of 100kW/2.3x10^6 kg/sec
    ie about 0.04kg/sec that is 40 grams per second.which is about 144kg per hour
    Obviously your available power will have an impact on this calculation but I hope it helps.
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    The water would be heated from black pipe, similar to solar water heater for a swimming pool, and the metal baffle would have running chilled water continuing to keep it cool. The entire unit, 10 x 100 feet would be in a compact green house maximizing humidity.

    Wouldn’t the fact that the baffle is cooled accelerate condensation?

    If this unit were in a very hot environment; Africa, India, how many gallon per day could it produce?

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