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How much should you pay?

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    Here in Las Vegas, as in many prominent cities, there are endless seminars going on about get rich quick topics like no money down real estate or how to rich trading stocks, or currency, or etc. I therefore to the mathematician pose this, hopefully serious, question,


    The magician and member of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley took an interest in this matter, and thought a hundred thousand pounds sufficient:

    But...alas! Teach us Your real secret, Master! how to become invisible, how to acquire love, and oh! beyond all, how to make gold. But how much gold will you give me for the Secret of Infinite Riches? Then said the foremost and most foolish; Master, it is nothing; but here is an hundred thousand pounds. This did I deign to accept, and whispered in his ear this secret: A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE. (http://www.skepticfiles.org/mys4/newage4d.htm (found under Gold Bricks)

    A comment on this is: Could this be it? It does sound like a deliberate act of spite towards his readers. Or does it contain some alchemical truth, one of the many paradoxes, multi-faceted or "contradictory interpretations and deliberate blinds" which comprise the Book of Lies (falsely called)? http://www.toolband.com/news/letter/2001_02.php
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    Depends on how fast gold can be made, and how much one minds waiting around (or even worse, working to make the darn gold), IMHO.
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    Well, I must say that when Dr. Dee and Edward Kelley asked the Queen for money to turn iron into gold, Queen Elizabeth's reply was noted: On his arrival in England he had an audience of the Queen, who received him kindly as far as words went, and gave orders that he should not be molested in his pursuits of chemistry and philosophy. A man who boasted of the power to turn baser metals into gold, could not, thought Elizabeth, be in want of money; and she, therefore, gave him no more substantial marks of her approbation than her countenance and protection. [/I][PLAIN]http://www.worldwideschool.org/library/books/relg/socialeccltheology/MemoirsofPopularDelusionsV3/chap29.html[/url] [Broken] See:http://www.occultopedia.com/d/dee.htm

    They also tried this in Europe:In the mean time, they led a pleasant life, and spent money with an unsparing hand. When once established in the Count's palace, they commenced the great hermetic operation of transmuting iron into gold. Laski provided them with all necessary materials, and aided them himself with his knowledge of alchymy: but, somehow or other, the experiment always failed at the very moment that it ought to have succeeded; and they were obliged to recommence operations on a grander scale. [PLAIN]http://www.worldwideschool.o...ology/MemoirsofPopularDelusionsV3/chap29.html[/PLAIN] [Broken]
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    Smart lass, HM Q.E.
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