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How particle physics is visualized

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    I hope you are all dong well and that i am in the right place. I am not at all that good at physics. I am taking a physics class in school because i thought it was interesting. And I find it more interesting now.

    My problem: My new assignment requires that I describe how invisible particle are rendered in images visible to the human eye.

    Im not sure where to start with my search. I have googled "how particle physics is visualized" for example and other but I get bad results. Is there a proper term of place of interest i could dig through?

    thank you for your time
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    Re: Visualization

    OK so i have found my best solution. The "Bubble chamber" it helps visualize certain particles for physicists to photograph, but with a lot of disadvantages.

    any one with useful ideas?

    i really need help with this please =(
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