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How should I go about learning electronics/computer hardware

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    Hi, I have been interested in electronics and computer hardware for some time now. I'm will be going to school for engineering/programming; however, until then, I would like to engage in a few side projects to gain some concrete experiences within this domain. Specifically, I kind of want to get into robotics, but I am in need of some guidance here. Does the Physics Forum's community have any recommended books/courses/projects to get a good broad foundation for robotics/electronics/computer hardware?

    Thanks, have a good one!
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    buy an ardunio and start making stuff.
    there are a lot of simple guides and tutorials online
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    I agree about diving in with an Arduino, but I always add:

    Look through online arduino projects until you find one that is compelling to you. No matter what, the first thing you will do is press a button to light an LED, but do it as part of a project that interests you.
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