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How to add more funtions on Ti-84 silver

  1. Oct 21, 2007 #1
    I need to get more than 10 funtions on a graph and ti84 has max of 10 graphs.
    is there anyway to increase it?
    someone told me i need to take a screenshot and than do it over it or some how >_>
    plz reply FAST PLZPLZ i need my hw DONE AHHH
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    Draw it on a sheet of paper like they used to do in the dark ages :P. The younger generation (me included) has become too dependant on graphing calcs. Just draw it out, a teacher isn't going to make you put more than 10 on a calc if it can't do it. But, if you absolutely have to go to ti-calc.org.
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    Yes, I do agree that graphing by hand makes you learn more...but anyways there is a TI BASIC program called "Extreme Grapher" for TI-84 Plus on ticalc.org; it lets you graph more than 10 functions.
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