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Studying How to apply for a research internship for undergraduate students?

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    I am an undergraduate physics student studying in UK. I hope I can continue study to PhD in the future, and I heard that I have to or better to apply a research internship in summer in order to go further study. But I have no idea how to apply and what I need to do in the internship. Since I am quite shy in school, I think none of my professor recognize me, so I am afraid I already miss the chance of internship. Also, what I should do/prepare now if I want to go further study in future?
    Please someone help me >.<
    I thought I can think about it later but it seem it already so late. :(
    Thanks a lottttt.
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    Well then, you need to CHANGE something, don't you?

    Start with approaching your professors and your academic advisor (if you have one, I have no idea how that is done in UK universities). Not only should you start to make yourself "recognizable", but they, believe it or not, may be your BEST source in asking about internship opportunities! These are the very same people you should be asking about such opportunities, and in the process, you're standing out and hopefully, make them remember you.

    Think about it. You get to kill 2 birds with one stone!

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    Reach out to your local profs. They will open doors for you if you can prove yourself worthy to them.
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