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How to begin learning calculus at an early age?

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    I am a thirteen year old passionate to learn calculus(and possibly programming) but i do not know how to start. Please help.
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    The minimum you need is good understanding and skill in Intermediate Algebra and good understanding of basic Trigonometry and have practiced its exercises. Those alone are not enough for everybody. Most people need academic development from full courses of Geometry, and Elementary Functions/Pre-Calculus/College Algebra & Trigonometry, before beginning to study Calculus. (this all applies to learning Calculus; not "programming").
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    I suggest "Basic Mathematics" by Serge Lang and ""Pre-Calculus in a Nutshell" by George Simmon. Those two books will thoroughly prepare you for the 1-variable calculus at the computational level. They should take you month or two.
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