What is Learning calculus: Definition and 32 Discussions

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  1. Strange_Baryon

    Calculus Learning Calculus with Stewart: Exercise Sets Explained

    Hello PF, After thinking, googling, and reading many threads here, I decided that I'm going to start learning calculus using Stewart. The problem is that the book puts too many exercises after each section, in addition to those at the end of each chapter. What's the difference between these...
  2. M

    Studying Learning calculus with a digital copy of a textbook

    Hi, I'm in 12 grade, and I always was a decent student but recently I became more fascinated by learning and I want to learn some math and physics beyond high school level. One or two weeks ago I started the calculus course on mit ocw (18.01sc) (at session 17 right now, right before lecture 7)...
  3. Nihal Jalal

    How do i learn math and physics from the ground up?

    I know there is a lot of questions like this in this community but I need a personalized answer. I am 15 years old. I've always loved physics and always asks questions. My wish for learning physics dates back to 2016. Yeah that's right, I've spend two years just looking for the right resources...
  4. S

    Calculus Good textbooks for really learning calculus?

    I'm going to take Calc I in the fall and Calc II and III later on and I want to actually understand the stuff intuitively instead of just trying to memorize formulas and then having trouble with the applications, like optimization. I have James Stewart's Essential Calculus Early Transcendentals...
  5. Septenary

    Rebuilding Math Skills to Become a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer

    I would love to learn math and become a great mechanical / aerospace engineer, but there is one huge problem! I dropped my math classes in the 10th grade because I was an idiot. Years ago I didn't want to learn math, I hated it but now I love learning. I love challenges, learning is truly my...
  6. Einstein's Cat

    How important is trigonometry knowledge for learning calculus?

    May you please share your recommendations in regard to means of effectively learning calculus: if it be through books, then what titles are noteworthy or alternatively, what websites are reliable and are of a high standard? Thank you!
  7. J

    Self-Learn Calculus: Tips & Resources for Chemistry Students

    Hi guys, I had taken Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, ODE and Linear Algebra in university, in the range of 5 to 7 years ago. I am about to go back to school, how should I re-teach myself calculus? Back then I used Stewart (Calc 1/2), Adams (Calc 3), and DiPrima/Boyce (ODE) for Calculus and ODEs. In...
  8. Franco_Carr14

    Calculus Using Apostol as my first calculus book?

    Hello, I'm currently learning pre calculus from various sources. I'm preparing myself to hopefully be able to learn calculus which I feel is an essential tool for Physics. I've just purchased Apostol's Calculus Vol.1. Enough research for great introductory calculus textbooks brought me to...
  9. 0null

    How to begin learning calculus at an early age?

    I am a thirteen year old passionate to learn calculus(and possibly programming) but i do not know how to start. Please help.
  10. J

    What should I learn after learning Calculus?

    Hello. I will be able to finish Calculus I, II, III, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations, before I go to high school, yes, I am still in middle school. So, what should I learn after I finish all of those? Some people told me to learn probability/statistics, or some even more advanced...
  11. T

    MHB Learning calculus through discrete mathematics

    Hello, Are there any free online textbooks or resources that teach calculus through discrete mathematics or does that not exist?
  12. ecoo

    Self Learning Calculus From the Beginning

    Math Topics to Self Study Any recommendations for a 9th grader? I have taken algebra 1 and 2 and am currently taking geometry. I find that math class is sometimes very slow. I understand that some students need extra help, but for me it's a bit slow. So to take initiative, I want to learn...
  13. Abscissas

    Learn Calculus: Resources for Beginners

    Hey I am trying to learn calculus and I don't know where to begin , I want to have a very firm grasp on it so if you could introduce me to some books on all different walks of calculus it would be appreciated. I have no prior calculus experience but do have algebra down for the most part and I...
  14. T

    What's your opinion on my method for learning calculus?

    So as the title says,tell me what you think. Should I get rid of a book or add? So far I have: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0914098918/?tag=pfamazon01-20 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0521446635/?tag=pfamazon01-20 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0486689220/?tag=pfamazon01-20 ...
  15. L

    Learning Calculus from text books

    Hey there people, I've got a fascination with the sciences, especially Physics. In a year or two I'll have the time to possibly study it at Uni. Most likely entering as a mature student. Anyways, I plan on using this time up until then on getting my Maths up to scratch. The last time i...
  16. U

    Advice on learning Calculus II on my own.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently enrolled in an AP Calculus AB class at my high school. However, for Cornell Engineering I need a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam. I've started to teach myself Calc II, but does anyone have any advice on how to succeed in doing this? I am using Paul's online math...
  17. 2

    Am I actually learning Calculus?

    I'm in the 11th grade (17 years old. There are 12 grades here) in High-School. I assume they should be teaching us Calculus at this time, but as I looked the topics of Calculus I am concerned. They didn't teach us anything about limits, differentiation, integration. Most recent new thing I've...
  18. A

    Resources for Understanding and learning Calculus

    Hey Everyone, I am extremely glad to have found and joined the physicsforums community, and look forward to working and learning from others who share my enthusiasm. I'm currently enrolled in Precalculus, but find the class to be a little slow and really scripted towards teaching students the...
  19. A

    Learn Calculus from Beginner to MIT Level

    Hello all, Lets say I want to start all over again learning calculus from beginning till the level I can start on MIT. What books should I buy to get to know all the knowledge to start on MIT? I hope someone can give me tips on this. Arjen
  20. A

    How can I truly learn Calculus without going through the basic steps?

    Alright so I should start off by saying that I could be defined as the conventional "math whiz". That is, I have no problems at all doing complex algebra problems or complex and tedious integrals and derivatives where there is little concept involved. Let's just say that I've done really well on...
  21. K

    Which book would be best for learning Calculus?

    I've begun learning Calculus with the help of my lecturer. It's not covered in the course I'm on and I'll definitely need it for uni! We have covered trig and algebraic functions and I recently worked through a workbook on differentiation and integration. I managed most of it but it isn't very...
  22. M

    Learning Calculus: Chain Rule and Derivatives

    I am currently learning calculus and just had my lecture on the chain rule. I noticed that we haven't learned how to take the derivative of a function like 2^2+x or 3^4+x. Any example works.. Is this something I will learn later as I progress through calculus or what?
  23. N

    Is an Engineering book by Stoud sufficient for learning Calculus?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this sort of question in, but I assumed it would be proper given by the fact that my question pertains to learning calculus, and thus should be relevant to the calculus forum. Anywho... I just recently started my study of calculus and have come...
  24. J

    Learning calculus over the summer

    Hello! This is my first post, so forgive me if the same topic has already been posted before. I am going to teach myself calculus over the summer. Last year (my freshman year in college) I took calculus I. The class was a challenge, and I know that I could have done better. We used the...
  25. P

    Better to start learning calculus from precalculus

    Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding CALCULUS. Is it better to start learning calculus from precalculus or calculus, say in general? When I mentioned calculus, I meant Calculus written by Spivak or Courant, which I think starts off with basic concepts leading to advanced ones. Any...
  26. B

    Is Self-Study Effective for Understanding Calculus?

    I don't learn well in lectures so I do 95% of the learning at home. This works out well for chemistry, physics and biology because in a day I can learn about 2 weeks worth of lectures for either of these subjects but I'm having trouble with maths. I spent a whole day learning limits of functions...
  27. B

    Schools Returning to University, learning Calculus?

    Hello all I have searched around and gathered some information before I asked this question. I wanted to ask this question directly to get some advice from the forum members. I currently am 28 years old and I am returning to College to get a Computer Science Degree. I currently have a BA in...
  28. S

    Learning Calculus on one's own.

    My high school unfortunately does not offer AP Calculus and I really wanted to learn it to better understand its application in Physics. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a tutorial or way of learning Calculus effectively on my own if it's possible. Thanks!
  29. F

    Tricking Husband into Learning Calculus: A Math Conversation with Your Spouse

    I want to talk to my husband about math. How can I trick him into learning calculus?
  30. T

    Is it worth learning Calculus of Variations?

    Hi everyone, I'm already familiar with, and have used Lagrangians and Euler-Lagrange equations. I'm interested in calculus of variations, but if it all boils down to solving euler-lagrange equations (and this is probably the part where I'm mistaken), then what's the point? Please tell me if...
  31. R

    Studying Learning Calculus: Intuitive & Physical Approach

    i am looking to learn calculus. i will take it in college for i wish to major in physics but i thought it would be helpful to learn it now, plus i think it will help with my independent physics reading and whatnot. i also think it will be cool in itself. anyways, i am considering getting...
  32. R

    Learn Calculus Independently: Advice for Keith

    Just a question. I've never really had any problems learning and grasping math. Unfortunately I chose not to continue my formal education past the high school level. I find myself these days, wanting more and more to learn the advanced mathematics, so I can get a better grasp on physics...