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How to calculate center of gravity? emergency

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    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section

    I'm trying to find out what would be a good pick point on a steel point instead of just winging it.

    There are two sections to the steel pole, both combined together to create a total of 78 feet.

    The first section is 40' and weighs 3,438.004 LBS

    The second section is 40' and weighs 1,283.194 LBS

    The second second is slipped over the first section a distance of 2 feet to obtain that 78' distance.

    I'm trying to figure out what would be the "center of gravity" on this pole in order to pick it up with a crane.

    There is a base plate at the end of the pole (to connect it to another pole) that weighs about 367 lbs, the OD by the base plate is 19", the OD at the end of the pole for section one is 13.4".

    The second section slips over the first section 2 feet to create the slip joint, the OD of the pole that slides over section 1 is 14.2" and the end of the pole is 8.58"

    I'm just trying to put something together to get an idea of where it should be at, we have an emergency and have to take this pole down tonight, so any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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    sorry, next time we need more lead time.
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    hhhmmm...as a first guess...I would have calculated the weight on a per foot basis for both section...and then simply start counting pounds from one end until you get half the total weight...
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