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Homework Help: How to calculate gain in a circuit

  1. Sep 17, 2012 #1

    a) Determine the voltage gain of the amplifier, Vout / Vin, in terms of the parameters in the given circuit.

    b) Determine the overall voltage gain between the source and the output, Vout / Vsourse, in terms of the parameters in the given circuit.

    Attempt at Solution:

    I attempted condensing the resistors.
    (Ro * Rl) / (Ro + Rl) becomes the new resistor on the right side.
    [ (Rb * Rin) / (Rb + Rin) ] + Rs becomes the new resistor on the left side.

    After this I am lost. Can anyone help me out here?
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    Hi DreamSanchez, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    For part (a), since you are to assume that Vin is a given, then surely you can find an expression for Vout? Looks like a simple voltage divider to me...

    For part (b) you do essentially the same thing, only here you need to find Vin first given that Vsource is known.
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