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Automotive How to calculate suspended weight capacity of trailer springs

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    I am using an rubber suspension component from Rosta, and want to calculate the deflection over a range of weights acting on a lever attached to the rubber suspension units.
    HOw do I convert static weight to Nm of force for determining the deflection of the units?


    here's the component line that I am selecting from-

    http://rostainc.com/pdfs/applications/Rosta_Catalogues/Rubber%20Suspension%20Units.pdf [Broken]
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    Simon Bridge

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    Weight force is just mg applied, I guess, to one end of the lever. You need the geometry of the lever to determine how the lever arm transmits that force to the unit and the elastic properties of the unit to work out how it is compressed or extended.
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    I agree with Simon. A moment diagram will yield forces on the rubber. Then divide that by the spring constant of the rubber (hookes law). this will result in the displacement.
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