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Homework Help: How to calculate the acceleration force

  1. Nov 20, 2015 #1
    Hi Guys & Girls,

    Hereby, I am a newbie in this forum and I have a question which is regarding how to calculate the deceleration gravity force. Below is the information that I have,
    1. Acceleration Speed = 40 km/hr
    2. Tonne of the load on truck = 1,516 kg

    So, is there any of the formulation to calculate the gravity force of the impact to the load? in "g" forces.
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    Hello GG, :welcome:

    Sorry to disappoint you in this your first post: You don't have enough information. Also, your problem description is a bit cryptic: is it the whole story ?
    And: 40 km/h is a speed, not an "acceleration speed" -- a term I don't recognize even after many years in physics
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    At a constant speed the g force on the load is zero.
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    Mister T

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    The mass is 1516 kg. The speed is 40 km/h.

    What kind of impact are you talking about? If you want to know the force or the acceleration you need more information, such as the amount of time involved.
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