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How to control energy by adjusting how much needed

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    Hello everyone,

    I have no background in any engineering, however I do believe I should have picked it up in school (wasn't much of a school guy).

    Anyways, I have been thinking really hard last year and this year on something I would like to create, however I do not have the electrical skills, so I'm reaching out to you!

    What I am looking to do is create an energy source for my home to act as it's own power source, I will not go into details on how, that's for me to know only. The question I have for everyone here, is if I create this energy source, how do I stablize it so that if I'm powering up something, it doesn't over power it and possibly burn it out or cause a fire, if I'm making any sense?

    Basically a stabilizer that will adjust the energy output giving what's powered on in the home?

    Examples: I have the house with all the lights on, giving the energy output to make all the lights on in the house work?

    Or if I have some of the lights on in the house, it's giving the proper energy for them to work?

    I may be thinking about this too hard, but I want to make sure, because the way I will be creating this energy there is no telling how much I will be generating and to even control it?

    Please let me know, I appreciate all of your great minds, please share them in pointing me to the right direction!

    Thanks again!
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    There are plenty of ways to protect your house from too much power.

    You can have cut-outs that stop the power if there is too much current flowing and other devices that will cut the power if the voltage is too high.

    One of the things you might have learned at school was that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    This means that to generate power for your home, you need a source of energy. You might live near a geothermal region where you could get heat from the ground. This could be converted to electricity.

    Or, you might have a lot of dead trees you could chop down and burn to boil water and make electricity from the power of the steam.

    You might have a wind generator or solar panels or a lake of crude oil. You could take the power available from these things and convert it to electical energy suitable for your house.

    Even hundreds of hamsters running on exercise wheels could generate electricity, although you have to feed them.

    So, unless you have an energy source, you will not be able to generate electricity and you won't make a million dollars.
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    Without revealing more than you have to, does this energy source have an input? Fuel, or other available energy source such as sunlight, wind, or geothermal?

    Or are you looking to build a device that does not need input? If you are, we can't help you.

    Here is how you do it: you do not hook your power source directly up to your loads (lights, dishwasher, etc), you hook your power source up to a bank of batteries. The power source can charge the batteries at its leisure, and your lights and dishwasher draw from the batteries as needed. The two systems are isolated and there is no issue of one affecting the other. QED.
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    Much appreciated, thanks a bunch. This energy source will run on it's own without an input, which I have those ideas in my mind. I just wanted to know how to control it, you both were helpful with your suggestions, I have seen some videos of a guy using batteries to run off. So really there is no way to run on it straight into breaker in your home? Now please don't laugh at me, again I'm new to this, and trying to have an idea of how this works. =) I'm just thinking how everything runs on power, there's breakers which are directly into an energy source, or am I way off here?

    Thanks in advanced
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    Is it free energy?

    Since you are admittedly very new to this, you should read up on perpetual machines, over-unity devices and free energy devices. No need to reinvent things that have already been explored.

    Why would you want to do that? That means every time your power source is turned off or is unable to provide power, your entire house is shut down. It also means every time you don't need power you'll have to throttle back your device. You are in for a world of headaches.

    Power from the grid is throttled at transformer stations so that they can ensure their delivery matches the demand.
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    This energy source will run on it's own without an input,

    Maybe from the above, you can accept that it isn't going to work.

    If you would like an explanation of why it isn't going to work, I'm sure we can manage that, but you would have to give details of what you have in mind.
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    Laresus, the short answer: Make your power source put out (in the US) 120 Volts RMS, 60 Hz AC sinewaves. The rest of the housel will only draw the power it needs and you won't need to regulate anything.
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