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How to convert density from mol/L to kg/m3?

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    How to convert density from mol/L to kg/m3?
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    Let the units be your guide...You need to convert the moles to gram by using the molecular weight of whatever you are looking at. The conversion to m^3 from L is 1000, i.e. there are 1000 L in one m^3. So your conversion should look like

    [tex]\left[\frac{mol}{L}\right] \left[\frac{MW}{mol}\right]\left[\frac{kg}{1000 g}\right] \left[\frac{1000 L}{m^3}\right][/tex]
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    Main point is that there is no magic conversion factor like 2.54 or something like that.
    MW of Air is about 28.84 g/mole
    The density of air is 1.2 kg/m^3
    so that is 1200 grams/m^3
    so that is 1200/28.84 moles /m^3
    so that is 1.2/28.84 moles/L
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