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Homework Help: How to decompose and resolve respect to x

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    How to decompose and resolve respect to x[tex]\frac{a}{b\pmx}[/tex]?
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    Re: Decompose

    I would say a/b+x.
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    Re: Decompose

    You need a space between "\pm" and "x". The way you have it, LaTex tries to find a command "\pmx" and since there isn't one, it shows nothing.
    [tex]\frac{a}{b\pm x}[/tex] means, of course, two values: [tex]\frac{a}{b+ x}[/tex] and [tex]\frac{a}{b- x}[/tex]. Now, what do you mean by "decompose with respect to x"? Neither of those fractions can be simplified more.
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