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How to define vector function in Mathematica

  1. May 15, 2012 #1
    How you define vector function in Mathematica?

    For example, f is a vector function and f=(xy,yz,zx). How to define this in Mathematica and then how to calculate the value of the components of f for any number x, y, and z?

    For scalar functions it goes as this:


    Any idea for vectors?
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    Can you use this to get you started?

    You could define this to be just what your definition said:


    The {} around your result says your f is returning a vector and you calculate each element of that vector.

    Or you can use tricky coding that just happens to do the same thing in this particular case.

    In[1]:= f[v_List]:=RotateLeft[v]*v;

    In[2]:= f[{x,y,z}]
    Out[2]= {x y,y z,x z}

    In[3]:= f[{3,Pi,-2}]
    Out[3]= {3 Pi,-2 Pi,-6}
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    Or you could define this as

    f[{x_,y_,z_}]:={x y,y z,z x}

    if that would be easier to understand

    There are at least a dozen different ways of doing almost anything in Mathematica
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    Thank you very much :)

    Buy the way, is there any way to delete your post here before first reply in a case you have already found the answer?
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