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How to do really well in Ap Physics C?

  1. Aug 21, 2015 #1
    So (this is my first thread by the way so sorry if it is in the wrong place) I am now a junior who has just started junior year (Last week). I am taking AP Physics C and AP Calc BC concurrently. I have always been pretty good at math and physics, but never amazing, just around mid to low A level. Though we have not really started learning content yet, but I am already feeling the pressure upon me because this is reputed as the hardest class at our school and most people keep saying that I am going to fail because I am one of the only two juniors who is taking this class and is taking BC right now. There are some other juniors who already know calc even though they are also in BC, and a lot of senior who are in Multivariable. I was just wondering what I should do so that I can really and truly excel in this class. Like not just on tests but to really be able to understand and feel the content, to understand how and why everything works. I want true understanding. On the side though, I have one friend who is reputed to be a Physics genius because he is really good at math and physics. In our class we use old ap tests as part of our exams and our teacher said the average score for a 5 has usually been around 60%, but he only curves if no one gets a 100%, and this friend I have is expected by everybody else in the class to be the one setting the curve. I know its petty but I really want to be the one setting the curve and excelling in class, and I want your advice on what to do, what to study, how to learn, what/how i should be doing with calculus etc.

    Thanks and sorry for the long post, just really excited for this year
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    Good luck brah.
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    Lol thanks I guess
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    There is no magic word or potion that will make you do better. I'm afraid you know the answer already: hard work. Try not only to do the homework and study the lessons, but go beyond it: get a good physics book and work the problems, ask yourself novel questions, experiment, etc.
    I have a thread in this forum on how to self-study mathematics, a lot of it is applicable on how to study physics, so you might find that useful.
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    Thanks you very much. I am definitely willing to work hard and smart as much as necessary. Our class uses the third edition of physics for scientists and engineers by Fishbane. Would that be a good textbook? My teacher said that it clearly wasn't light reading but that being able to understand that would mean surely being able to understand the class. Also, I was wondering how i would access that post about math that you mentioned?
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    Look up at the top of this forum (Academic Guidance). It's the thread titled "Self-studying mathematics - Discussion"
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