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Homework Help: How to find maximum force on a velocity vs time graph

  1. Dec 5, 2016 #1
    • Homework type question moved from technical forum, hence template not shown.
    The velocity versus time graph is the following:


    As the title asks, how would you find the maximum force on a velocity vs time graph given nothing but the graph and the mass of the object in question. My reasoning was that since f = ma and m is never changing, that the time at which the maximum force would be applied when dv/dt is greatest. However, since a function is not provided, one would find this point (in this case, the point of inflection) by finding where the concavity of the function shifts from concave down to concave up, indicating a local maximum (maximum acceleration and therefore maximum force) which is at t=0.35s. I'm stuck on how you would find the maximum force from this and would appreciate any help.
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    You have all you need in your post.
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    You should be able to estimate the slope at that point from the graph. It even looks like the curve between v= +0.1 to -0.1 m/s is almost a straight line. So you can easily find the slope.

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