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    B Quick Question about Pendulum Graphs

    Hi everyone. I just have a very quick question regarding position time graphs and velocity time graphs for a pendulum. As we know, at the maximum displacement, the acceleration is at its maximum and the velocity is zero, and vice versa when the displacement is zero. When we put this...
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    What is the total displacement?

    Homework Statement So there are two rhinos chasing each other back and forth, Asha and her dad. What is Asha's total displacement at each point in increasing order(least to greatest)?[/B] Asha's velocity is represented by II and her position at A:30, B:25, C:22, D:25, E:37. Homework...
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    How to find maximum force on a velocity vs time graph

    The velocity versus time graph is the following: As the title asks, how would you find the maximum force on a velocity vs time graph given nothing but the graph and the mass of the object in question. My reasoning was that since f = ma and m is never changing, that...
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    Finding Distance from the Origin Given Velocity Graph

    Homework Statement A rocket-powered hockey puck move along a horizontal friction-less table. The figure (link posted below) shows the graphs of vx and vy, the x- and y- components of the puck's velocity. The puck starts at the origin. How far from the origin is the puck at 4 seconds? Here is...
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    Oscillating Spring Graphs

    How could you graph a potential energy vs. time graph only knowing the position vs. time graph and the velocity vs time graph for a hanging object oscillating up and down on a string?