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How to find the movements of lying person in bed

  1. Aug 3, 2014 #1
    1. Hi all,
    I want to find what kind of movements a person(Ex: Hand Movement,Leg Movement,Hand+Leg Movements etc) is making when He/She is lying in the Bed. consider a rectangular Table(250*150 CM) which has 4 legs. we can only find the persons movement as a force on each legs
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    From the bed leg forces alone you cannot get the exact movement of individual limbs, just how the center of mass moves. But it is definitely possible to detect typical bed activities, using pattern matching.
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    Hi A.T. Thanks for the Reply.
    I recorded 15 peoples movement activity(few are 5 secs and few are 10 secs) with the help of load sensors and i extracted around 15 features 3 from center of mass and individual load cells variance and % of difference etc, when i have a look at those features i am able to find the big difference between leg and hand movements but i am not able to find any differences in leg alone movements and Leg + hand movements. i don't have a knowledge in biomechanics & related physics. Is it possible to differentiate these type of movements using any pattern recognition techniques or a pattern matching.
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    As long as you remain restricted to measuring only the force on the bed's legs you will not be able to discriminate such complex movements of the person on that bed.

    If you could open up your measuring to some other method, say overhead video, then you may expect to collect more exact data than could be obtained from four force sensors.
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